About Us

Taggerty Kennels features 13 dog and 5 cat boarding facilities, each with indoor and outdoors areas. We also have a purpose built recreation area that each dog gets to play in individually, twice a day!



Opening Hours

In order to keep disruptions to our guests to a minimum we ask that drop-offs and pick-ups be limited to the hours below. Preferences between morning and afternoon times can be made at the time of your booking.


Monday – Sunday

8:00 – 8:30 and 5:00 – 5:30




All pet must be fully vaccinated (dogs-minimum C5) at least 2 weeks prior to boarding and certificate shown on arrival at the kennels.

All pets must be flea and tick free on arrival and have been treated with appropriate tick and flea product at least a day before staying with us.



Dogs are exercised twice daily in our large exercise paddocks or on a leash (if they don’t come when they are called!).

Please be aware we do not exercise dogs from different families together.



Cats and Dogs are feed a good quality dry food once a day, unless an alternative is organised prior to boarding.  We also offer the dogs chew treats through the day to keep them occupied and bones to keep their teeth clean.



Our cattery is fully airconditioned, and each cat has an outdoor balcony to watch the world go by. They are equipped with a cubby to hide in and a ledge to lay on.

Male cats over 6 months old must be neutered.